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How to Update your Payment Details or Cancel your Subscription.

Some members have had trouble finding out how to update their payment details, such as an expired credit card.
Here are step-by-step instructions to access your card information and edit it.

Also, some members may wish to scroll down to find out how to make your profile private.

Firstly, go to Your Account

Then select the ‘Membership’ tab

This will open up new options. Select ‘Subscriptions’

You will see your current subscription. Click on ‘Update’ to change your information, or Cancel to end your subscription (you will still have access until the end of the billing month). Don’t forget to save when you are done.

Still having issues?

email support

Make your profile private

Go to Your Account > Settings > Profile Visibility and set the drop-downs to ‘Only Me’ if you don’t wish your details to be public. Only your name (can be just a first name) will be public.


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